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More and more people each year order their school photographs online. Today, almost everything can be ordered online and almost everyone finds it easier, faster and more convenient. In the last 12 months alone we have seen the number of orders placed online more than double. A lot of schools are now asking for online only as they don't want to deal with the orders. Make no mistake, if you are not currently offering online ordering for ALL your school photos, you soon will be. Our new and improved secure online ordering service takes care of everything including orders, payment and delivery. It keeps track of all your orders and lets you know how much you've made at the end of each month. All the photographer has to do is take the pictures and FTP the files directly to the lab.


     No envelopes to collect

     No photos/packs to distribute

     No queries to deal with

     No chance of orders being misplaced

     No chasing bounced cheques

   No money for school to hold until collection

     Potential of large increase in commission


     Easy login with unique "shoot key"

     Orders delivered directly to home

     No chance of money being lost at school

     Wider range of payment methods

     Easily allow family to purchase photos

     Wider range of products and special Add Ons

Exciting New Improvements to our Online Ordering Service!

  • Greater Flexibility - Our online system is no longer just for schools - You can now use it for every other photography job you do including weddings and studio sittings.
  • Now sell class groups and leavers combinations as well as individual portraits online at no extra cost
  • *Unlimited Proofcards - There is now no limit to the number of proofcards you can offer. You can now offer different packages to each school or nursery if you wanted to.
  • Unlimited Pricing Structures - By creating new proofcards you can now offer the same products to every school at different prices if you wanted to.
  • Super fast login for your customer with secure unique "shoot key"
  • Live preview of images inside the products.
  • Your customers can now select (and view) their own background for green screen jobs
  • Save s with our new **multi-pose online solution

What does the service cost?
There are no up front costs to pay. In fact you never have to pay anything for this service if you don't want to. We do charge a subscription fee of up to £50 (inc. vat) per month but this is only payable if you have sold enough products online at the end of each month to cover it. If you have only sold £10 worth of products in a particular month then we will only charge you £10 for that month. You will never owe us anything for this service.

Why do we charge this?
The subscription fee is basically a charge that keeps the website going. As well as helping towards hosting costs, we use the money to continue developing and improving the website for photographers, parents and schools on the front end and behind the scenes.

How does the monthly subscription charge work?
The subscription is never charged, but only deducted when you have earned enough to cover it. It is deducted monthly from the total amount you are due from us. You can view this by going to your online account and clicking on "statements"

Example 1. John subscribes to the myschoolpictures online ordering service and never puts a school through us. He has never earned any money from online sales so there is no monthly subscription charge to pay. Nothing happens.

Example 2. Simon only has 1 school and subscribes to the myschoolpictures online ordering service in November 2008 and earns £500(after printing costs) in online sales in his first month. £50 is then deducted from his December 2007's statment and he is then due a payment of £450. In December 2007 he earns £100 in late orders from the same school and so is due £50 from January 2008's statement. In January 2008 he receives no sales and so no monthly subsciption is charged.

Example 3. Christine has 10 schools to shoot in September 2008. She earns £2000 in online sales in September, £1000 in October and £500 in November. Each month we deduct £50 for the subsciption fee but in December Chris only earns £25. We only deduct £25 in December and so there is never anything to pay

Transaction Fees. Beginning on 1st September 2013 we will be deducting a 3.4% transaction fee from each order. This is to cover the costs we incur to process and take the payment for the order.

How long will the images be available online? You decide. By default they will be available online free of charge for one month from the date your proofcards are printed. If you'd like them to remain online for longer then the cost will follow the following scale:

  • 1 Month - 0.00 per image (included in cost of proofcard)
  • 3 Months - 0.05 per image
  • 12 months - 0.10 per image
  • 2 years - 0.15 per image

How do I get started?
Simply click on the register button at the top of the screen and complete the online form

* Standard default proofcard is setup online free of charge. Each additional customised proofcard is charged at 100+vat and can include your company's branding and your choice of packages/products including the equivalent online customer templates (for viewing their images inside the products)

** With our new online multi-pose solution there is no longer any need to limit the number of images you take and no need to worry about how they will fit on the proofcard. You are now free to take as many images as you like of each child. Your proofcard will only have one image printed on it but when they log in to our system with their shoot key they will be able to view and order from all the images you have taken. For information on how this works please see our Multi-Pose Proof System page.